Official forums receive minor facelift

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|01.17.14

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Official forums receive minor facelift
The official WoW forums have gotten a minor update today, confirmed with a blue post by CM Nethaera. The new format has several tweaks and changes, but the largest by far is the font -- posts and headers are now showing with much larger text both in the posts themselves, and in quoted text. Quotes are now a lighter shade of gray, and character portraits have been re-sized as well.

The updates appear to be slightly more in-depth than graphics, however. In addition to the font changes, it seems as though the option to view the forums in Simple or Advanced view has been removed, along with the ability to link items in posts. Along with this change, the My Realms option to switch between only those forums on which you have playable characters has vanished. For now, players will have to scroll through the entire list of realms to locate a particular realm.

If you can't see any changes, or if the forums are displaying incorrectly on your browser, you may want to try clearing your cache or refreshing the page. At the moment, there doesn't appear to be an official thread for feedback or to report any technical issues with the new forums. Although the removal of some features may be a little disconcerting, it might be possible that some of these changes are unintended, or that we'll see some of the more popular options make a return. What do you think of the facelift? Is it easier to read, or did you like the original version better? Are there features you'd like to see working again?

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