Tic Tactics is Tic Tac Toe for extreme strategists

Tic Tactics is a strategy game designed for those who want more than just a classic match of Tic Tac Toe. Though there are some additions, the core gameplay stays true to the original Tic Tac Toe. Players take turns selecting squares from a 3 x 3 grid and try to get three squares in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The game wouldn't be called "Tic Tactics" if there weren't some twists, though.

The game is comprised of nine Tic Tac Toe boards. Each board is a standard Tic Tac Toe grid of smaller 3 x 3 squares that the player must win in order to capture the board. The game gets interesting as players do not get to choose which boards they want to capture; rather, their opponents do. That's right: Whichever smaller square your opponent chooses to play will determine which "board" you have to play next. As a result, you have to carefully choose which squares to capture, as it will determine where your opponent plays next. Play things correctly and you will leave your opponent little choice as to where they can make their next move.

Tic Tactics has robust multiplayer functionality that makes use of Game Center matchups. It's turn by turn and allows you to play several ongoing games at the same time. Winning a game increases your score as well as grants you "coins," which are required to initiate new games. Additional coins can be purchased through in-app purchases (IAP). Your winnings are usually more than enough to keep you playing along, as long as you are reasonably competent at playing. Colors and graphics are easy on the eyes, and the game makes it quite easy to determine which moves are available to you.

Because you have to wait on other players to make their move, most games take several days to complete. This protracted gameplay allowed me to login during my free time and complete a round in several different games. It's not fast and furious, but a slow, steady strategy game.

Tic Tactics is developed by Hidden Variable Studios and available for free in the iTunes App Store.