Catlateral Damage getting mew (new) modes

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S. Prell
January 20th, 2014
Catlateral Damage, the first-person knock-stuff-over-as-a-cat game from develo-purr Chris Chung will be getting some mew modes for its com-meow-cial build, Eurogamer reports. What's that? Stop with the cat puns? You gotta be kitten me! Okay, fine.

When Catlateral Damage gets a commercial release, it'll include at least two new modes: Cat Ops and a "free" mode where players aren't beholden to a timer and can explore at their leisure. In an email exchange with Eurogamer, Chung explained that Cat Ops will have players try to knock over objects without waking their owner. "I feel like this mode will fulfill the desire to be a sneaky cat, and also give quite a different challenge than the current game mode," he wrote.

Eurogamer also inquired about a possible Time Attack mode. While Chung wrote that it wasn't yet planned, he also noted that it would be "very easy" to add, and that he would make a note of the idea. Chung also wrote that he plans to add more levels and increase the scope of the game so that players could potentially explore an entire house.

Catlateral Damage is expected to have a commercial version later this year. We assume there will be a major paw-ty when it does. Haa.
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