Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons free on PS Plus starting tomorrow

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons free on PS Plus starting tomorrow
Starbreeze's inventive teamwork-based puzzle-platformer, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, heads up this week's PlayStation Plus lineup in North America, and will be available as a free download for members starting tomorrow.

Brothers stars a pair of siblings who must work together and solve environmental puzzles as they search for medicine for their sick father. The game boasts a unique control scheme that maps each brother to an analog stick, while the controller's shoulder buttons provide context-sensitive action. Think of it as Ico meets The Adventures of Cookie & Cream.

Brothers (also known as Bros: A Tale of Two Dudes) ranked in at #3 in Joystiq's editor-chosen list of 2013's best games. PlayStation Plus members also receive access to a selection of exclusive price drops starting tomorrow, including discounts for Sound Shapes, Rock Band Blitz, and Retro/Grade.

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