Beat and shoot-em-up in former Titanfall, God of War devs' To The Death

Indie developers Scary Mostro and Section Studios launched their Kickstarter campaign for To The Death today. The game combines beat-em-up and arcade shooter elements together, as players control one of two warriors that are dashing towards one another, hacking away at everything in their path. As To The Death's story goes, the warriors killed each other and are now stuck in The Crawl, a purgatory-like world between life and death.

The two studios are led by developers with a deep history in the industry, with To The Death's game design and engineering coming from Scary Mostro's Todd Alderman and Francesco Gigliotti. Both Alderman and Gigliotti are credited as lead designer and engineer respectively at Infinity Ward on the Call of Duty series, and later worked on Titanfall for Respawn Entertainment. Likewise, To The Death's art direction comes from Section Studios Creative Director Cecil Kim, visual development lead for God of War 3.

To The Death is in development for PC, Mac and Linux with early access tentatively planned for August. Scary Mostro and Section Studios are seeking $400,000 by February 19 to fund its development.

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God of War Meets Call of Duty on a New Battlefield: Developers

behind Industry's Biggest Projects Announce Kickstarter Campaign

Los Angeles, CA – January 21, 2014 - Available today on Kickstarter, Scary Mostro (http:// and Section Studios ( team up to bring you

an evolution in classic side-scrolling action games with "To The Death." "To The Death (TTD)"

is a video game from an alliance of key design, engineering, and visual development leads from

the Call of Duty and God of War franchises. Coming to Steam on PC, Mac, and Linux, TTD

fuses the beat'em up and shoot'em up genres into something new and refreshing, offering a

host of fun, innovative gameplay mechanics all at 60 frames per second!

"We wanted to develop a video game that's easy to pick up but hard to put down. With art

direction from Section Studios' Cecil Kim who's been instrumental with the God of War

franchise, the concept art and visual effects are as captivating as the game is fun," said

Scary Mostro Co-Founder Todd Alderman (Former Lead Game Designer at Infinity Ward and

Respawn Entertainment).

You play as two great warriors who have killed each other but have a vendetta so deep, it

continues after death in "The Crawl," the space between life and death.

Game Features:

• Unique Storytelling and Adventure: Explore the world of the Crawl alternating between

both warriors, conquering and discovering new levels, battling wave after wave of enemies

that change each time you play.

• Deep Combat: Build up both warriors on-the-fly with new powers, weapons, and ways to

influence the balance into your favor. Swap out your gun for one that stuns enemies, then

bring them to you with your magnetic shield upgrade, and finish the group of bad guys off with

your sword's spin attack! Be creative and use your chosen abilities in many different powerful


• Empowering Controls: Attack and defend with precision, having full 360 degree control of

where you swing, shoot, and defend with a gamepad or keyboard + mouse configuration.

• One-Of-A-Kind Multiplayer: You can get a quick fix unravelling the single player story, or

play co-op for hours with a friend, or even battle to the death with a brand new splitscreen

back and forth versus mode.

Fellow Scary Mostro Co-Founder Francesco Gigliotti (Former Lead Software Engineer at Infinity

Ward and Respawn Entertainment) continued, stating "Formosa Interactive, an award winning

movie and game sound design company, is responsible for TTD's sound design, and we have

award-winning songwriter, performer, producer and ex-Machine Head lead guitarist Logan

Mader on board to compose the soundtrack."

TTD is currently in its prototype phase. With a Kickstarter goal of $400,000, Scary Mostro

and Section Studios will be able to retain creative freedom over TTD, incorporating backers'

feedback, voice, and perspective directly into the game.

About Scary Mostro: A video game developer based in Valencia CA, devoted to building fun,

exciting games with a high standard of quality.

About Section Studios: A Multi-Disciplinary Media Solutions company based in Los Angeles CA

specializing in Concept Art, Game Development, VFX, Web Design and Full service Publishing.