New Super NES cartridge Nightmare Busters now shipping worldwide

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New Super NES cartridge Nightmare Busters now shipping worldwide
Retro boutique publisher Super Fighter Team is now shipping copies of its Super Nintendo run-and-gun platformer Nightmare Busters to pre-order customers worldwide, marking the first time in several years that Nintendo's 16-bit console has seen a new cartridge production run.

Originally created and scheduled to launch in 1994, the Nichibutsu-developed Nightmare Busters failed to materialize on store shelves, and never saw a release anywhere in the world. A completed version of Nightmare Busters was discovered years later, and Super Fighter Team began accepting cartridge pre-orders in 2012 after acquiring the rights to release the game officially.

While Super NES reproduction releases for prototype and fan-translated games are common, Nightmare Busters is a more ambitious project, shipping with a replica cardboard box and manual in addition to a uniquely-shaped cartridge that is compatible with SNES and Super Famicom consoles from all regions. Super Fighter Team is currently accepting orders for future cartridge production runs, and a complete-in-box copy of Nightmare Busters is available for $70 plus shipping.
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