US Connected Realms update for January 21

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US Connected Realms update for January 21
Realm list
Blizzard Community Representative Nethaera has updated the US-side Connected Realms post for January 21. It appears that all the connections slated for the 17th of January have completed successfully, and as we see below, the newly connected Agamaggan and Jaedenar will be joined with The Underbog this Thursday, January 23rd, along with these other connections:
  • Alleria and Khadgar
  • Altar of Storms and Anetheron/Magtheridon/Ysondre
  • Misha and Rexxar
  • Ner'zhul and Frostmane/Tortheldrin
  • The Underbog and Agamaggan/Jaedenar

The only notable item on this list is an absence -- Shu'halo and Eitrigg has been delayed yet again. It was posted on January 6 as upcoming, and therefore should have been connected in the subsequent January 17 batch, but was delayed and pushed to "upcoming" again. As we can see below, it's still in the "upcoming" section, for the third time. The next set of connections, which do not yet have a set date, are as follows:

  • Anvilmar and Undermine
  • Archimonde and Agamaggan/Jaedenar
  • Cho'gall and Auchindoun/Laughing Skull
  • Eitrigg and Shu'halo
  • Mok'Nathal and Silvermoon
As ever, if your realm is not on this list, and has not already been connected, don't worry. Unless you're on a high population or a full realm, chances are Blizzard will get around to you. But, as Nethaera says in her post, don't necessarily trust public population sites' data without question. A full list of realms connected so far can be found on the official site.
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