Vita card battler Monster Monpiece hits NA, EU this spring

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Vita card battler Monster Monpiece hits NA, EU this spring
Japanese publisher Idea Factory International announced that its card-battling RPG Monster Monpiece is due for a digital PlayStation Vita release this spring in North America and Europe.

Monster Monpiece equips players with a deck of cards that represent the physical embodiment of "Monster Girls," all of whom boast their own unique skills and abilities in battle. Players power up these characters during combat by stroking the PS Vita's screen and touching specific spots on each card in the game's "First Crush Rub" mode.

Monster Monpiece earned some notoriety for its sexually suggestive character art, and its upcoming stateside release carries a Mature ESRB rating. The game still required some content trimming before it was deemed suitable for a North American release, however. While Monster Monpiece's storyline will be unaltered for its overseas launch, Idea Factory notes that several Monster Girl images will be removed from localized versions "due to the strong sexual nature of the card images."

"We fully understand that there are needs and demands for the complete version of these games," the company explains. "Our intention and motivation is to offer Idea Factory titles in a form that is as close as possible to the Japanese versions. This was a tough decision, but we would greatly appreciate your understanding and support."
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