Staccal 2 is an easy-to-use calendar with a ton of customization options

Staccal 2 hit the App Store this week, bringing with it a plethora of calendar layout options that'll make even the most fervent tweaker happy. It also supports reminders, allowing you to keep track of those along with your calendar events.

Staccal pulls in the event information from the calendars that are configured on your phone. This makes for an easy install as you don't have to enter any login information to set up your calendars manually. Once you open the app and authorize the linking of your calendars, you are ready to roll.

The selling point of Staccal is its customizations. It doesn't have advanced features like natural-language input that are present in its competitors, but it does allow you to set up your calendar views to best meet your workflow.

There are six different possible layouts accessible from the main screen and you can change which ones you want to display. When you start switching them around, you'll find there are 12 different calendar views from which you can choose.

Once you select your layouts, you can further customize them -- you can change the calendars that show, adjust the font size and modify the gestures for the cells. Besides Calendar views, Staccal allows you to change themes, which swaps out the colors that border your calendars.

Once, you've selected your six layouts, you switch between layouts of your views quickly and easily by tapping on them. Switching is smooth with no lag, even when you have calendars that are filled with events. Once you get used to Staccal, the UI is easy enough to navigate.

There are items I found challenging, the most difficult being the small event blocks in the default week and day view. Though the narrow cells allow you to see several hours on your screen at a time, they make it difficult to select events and pull up event details because they are so small.

Staccal is a decent calendar app for users who spend more time looking at their calendar than trying to manage it on their device. I appreciated the diversity of views, even if I was bothered by the smaller cells when selecting event details. You can check out Staccal 2 from the iOS App Store for US$0.99.