The Slipstopper will help your iPhone get a grip

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Mike Wehner
January 27th, 2014
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The Slipstopper will help your iPhone get a grip

There aren't many unique iPhone accessories these days, with most cases and skins being improvements over existing designs, but the Slipstopper manages to carve its own small niche. It's probably the most literally named accessory of all time, with its primary function being its ability to prevent your device from slipping, and in that regard it's a pretty impressive product.


There isn't much to the Slipstopper: It's a thin gel skin that fits to the back of your iPhone via an adhesive backing. The Slipstopper comes in colors to match the various iPhone 5s, 5c and 4s iterations, with a single slot cut out for the camera lens and flash, and a vaguely apple-shaped hole to show off your phone's logo. The package also comes with a screen protector, which is important since the Slipstopper prevents you from equipping your phone with a case, bumper or other skin.


The Slipstopper is remarkably grippy on just about every type of surface you can imagine. I tried it out on a car dashboard, the edge of my couch, various chairs, desks and countertops, and as long as the surface was relatively clean, it was always able to grab on.

The key to using the Slipstopper on a glossy or hard surface is to make sure you've brushed any dust aside ahead of time. If not, the sticky skin is just going to grab the dust and slide on down. You don't need to whip out a bottle of cleaner every time, but at least brush the surface with your hand ahead of time.

You can remove and replace the Slipstopper several times, or at least I have been able to without issue. The adhesive backing remains sticky through multiple uses so if you happen to replace your phone, you should have no problem swapping it over.


One thing to remember with the Slipstopper is that while it offers protection for the back of your phone, the sides are very much still at risk of a drop. If you're someone who drops your phone frequently, you might find that a case that offers full coverage is a better bet for you, as you could still conceivably damage your device quite badly with the Slipstopper installed.

However, if your biggest gripe about your iDevice is that it can't hang on for dear life when you set it down, the US$19.99 Slipstopper performs admirably.

Rating: 3 out of a possible 4 stars

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