100,000,000 World of Warcraft accounts infographic

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100,000,000 World of Warcraft accounts infographic
Blizzard has been very busy putting together a really cool infographic. It's way too large for us to repost in full here, but you can hit the link and see it in all its glory.

There's a ton of interesting facts and figures, starting with some hard numbers. Over 100,000,000 WoW accounts have been created since its inception. Yes, that's one hundred million players, as they put it. I have created five accounts myself, though, so that might skew their numbers a little. Nonetheless, it's easy to forget just how high the churn rate is, how many people join and leave. Of those people, 52% have been Alliance, and 47% have been Horde, with 1% never picking a side and remaining neutral. I'm surprised that many Pandaren haven't made it off the Wandering Isle!

Other interesting facts include the rarest mount -- the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent -- and the most common and rarest pets -- the Squirrel and the Tiny Red Carp respectively. On the topic of pets, there's a massive 3.6 million pet battles undertaken every day in Azeroth. Content just for a casual few? Doesn't look like it! Interestingly, too, the number of PvP instances at 670k is far closer to the number of PvE instances at 900k than the average reader might think.

There's so much great information in this infographic, go have a look and read the accompanying blog too.

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