Elder Scrolls Online releases cinematic trailer, announces CE info

Elder Scrolls Online CG

Are you ready for another Elder Scrolls Online CG opus? We have one, and it clocks in with a whopping eight-minute-16-second running time.

The clip stars the familiar trio of ESO heroes we've glimpsed in past promotional materials and it pits them against a range of baddies in a nonstop ode to over-the-top action movie violence. It finishes off with ESO's April 4th PC release date as well as a mention of June 2014 for consoles.

In related news, information about the collectors edition appears to have been leaked early on Amazon [Edit: And now it's official!]. Like many CEs, this one, dubbed The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition, offers a fancy box, a book, a map, a statue, a ring, a mount, and a vanity pet. However, this CE is also the only way players can unlock playing an Imperial in any alliance.

[Source: ZeniMax press release]