How fictional Apple fans watch a product keynote [Video]

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Yoni Heisler
January 31st, 2014
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How fictional Apple fans watch a product keynote [Video]

With so many mediocre Apple spoofs littering the internet -- do we really need another parody of an Apple product-introduction video, white backdrop and all? -- it's nice to finally see a video poking fun at Apple fans with some comic muscle behind it.

From the talented folks over at Vooza, check out this hilarious depiction of how Apple fans act during an Apple keynote. While some bits are naturally exaggerated for comic effect, others are incredibly spot on.


A few of my favorite lines include:

- When the fanboys, at the beginning of the media event, begin clamoring for Tim Cook to "give me those stats!" As anyone who has relentlessly refreshed an Apple media event liveblog can attest, Cook loves kicking things off with cold hard data.

- Q: What was Microsoft's marketshare again? A: Nothing like that.

- The hoopla surrounding Craig Federighi's hair is great: "I have nightmares that his hair's not there."

- "Jony Ive! Look at that bald head.. it's so minimalist."

- "Gooooooooold!" The gold iPhone viewed through the eyes of a soccer fan.

- And of course, eagerly waiting around for a "one more thing" announcement that never comes is something I'm sure we can all relate too. "He's really just walking away."

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