Blizzard challenges you to put Garrosh on trial

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Blizzard challenges you to put Garrosh on trial
Know Your Lore The fate of Garrosh Hellscream
Blizzard Community Manager Nethaera has thrown down a gauntlet to writers everywhere. As she rightly says, we probably knew it was coming when the fan-fiction forums were first set up, but already, there's impetus to share your imagination with others. As Nethaera informs us, Christy Golden's War Crimes is not yet out, so we do not know how Garrosh's fate will unfurl, but we can certainly put our imaginations to work.

You can hit the break for Neth's full post, but the rules are pretty interesting. You can't exonerate Garrosh. He has to be made to pay for what he did, at least to some extent, even if the upcoming expansion implies pretty strongly that he doesn't really serve any time meted out to him. You also can't place too much of your story outside the courtroom, save a few flashbacks and memories. And you've got to keep it to one post. Before you complain, the word limits and specific criteria are a writer's bread and butter. You can read all about our very own Sarah Pine's experience doing just that for Blizzard. So hit the break, check the rules, and let your creativity flow! Given the comment threads we see here, we're expecting WoW Insider community greatness!
I warned you. Oh, how I warned you this day would come. But if ink truly runs through your veins and voices swirl around in your head whispering tales of intrigue and villainy, then you'll surely rise to the challenge this day. Perhaps, if I can shake the dust and cobwebs from these old writer's bones, I may even be able to bring a challenge to you each Monday. How you face it is up to you.

The Challenge:

The scene: Garrosh's Trial
Your Role: Attendee at his trial

While Christy Golden's new War Crimes novel isn't out just yet, there's no harm in taking a spin around the courtroom. You are one of the fortunate to attend the trial of Garrosh. He stands before you and the leadership of Azeroth, an orc with a lengthy list of crimes weighed against him. You are perhaps a sympathetic supporter or one of whom has suffered at his machinations, and the tale you tell of his trial, is all yours to tell.

The rules:
  • You must keep your tale to one post.
  • You may not exonerate Garrosh.
  • You may not kill main characters.
  • You should confine your tale to the trial arena save for any remembrances/flashbacks.
  • Have fun (it's not a competition). Make us- the readers- experience it all through you via sight, sound, and perhaps even taste if you like.

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