Call of Duty: Strike Team studio in peril as Activision mulls its future

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Call of Duty: Strike Team studio in peril as Activision mulls its future
UK mobile developer The Blast Furnace is in stasis as owner Activision reassesses its relationship with the studio, Game Informer reports.

"Like any successful business, Activision Publishing continuously works to evolve its business based on our strategic plans and market opportunities," an Activision representative told Game Informer. "As we focus on our 2014 operating plan, we are aligning our resources against our anticipated business requirements. As part of this review, we have started a consultation at Blast Furnace based in Leeds in the UK."

The Blast Furnace previously produced mobile entries in Activision's Pitfall and Wipeout franchises, and headed up last year's iOS release Call of Duty: Strike Team. Game Informer notes that Activision's proposed options for the studio include closure, downsizing, or splitting it off into its own independent entity.

Speaking to MCV, an Activision representative revealed that the publisher wishes to "keep The Blast Furnace together and develop a plan that will enable them to remain as a team." Activision added that it will maintain its commitment to mobile platforms going forward, regardless of its plans for The Blast Furnace.
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