Star Wars: The Old Republic takes you to the gun(ship) show

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|02.05.14

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Space?  I didn't sign up for this!
Space is not the final frontier in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Frankly, space is pretty mundane. There's plenty of it, and both the Republic and the Empire have spent a lot of time flying around in it with machines meant to blow the snot out of other machines. The Gunship is the target of the latest development blog, and it's not just designed to blow up other space machines (or "starfighters," if you will) -- it's designed to do so from long range and with extreme prejudice.

Gunships all possess a Railgun of some kind, characterized as a long-range sniping weapon with an emphasis on charge time and careful aim. They also feature engines that allow pilots to close distance with a target quickly and others that allow gunships to dart away whilst crippling enemy thrusters. Take a look at the development blog for more details, and if you missed it yesterday, check out the the trailer for Galactic Starfighter just past the cut.
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