Invizimals PS3, Vita games are ready to capture North America

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Invizimals PS3, Vita games are ready to capture North America

The Invizimals series is bringing its reality-augmenting critters back to North America, with portable and console entries due this year. Vita game Invizimals: The Alliance and PS3 companion Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom hit Europe last year. Despite not bringing the series' PSP game stateside, Sony Computer Entertainment America stepped in to ferry the duo over this time around.

Given the Vita's built-in augmented reality features, Invizimals: The Alliance was always a given. The portable game rekindles the series' Pokemon-like unearthing and capturing of monsters, with players using touch and noise to capture their psuedo-real prey.

Meanwhile, PS3 game The Lost Kingdom is the first in the series to shy away from AR, instead dropping players into a colorful 3D action-adventure set in the Invizimals' world. The PS3 game syncs up with its Vita sibling, letting players duke it out in a cross-system battle arena for up to four players, additionally allowing players to transfer items across the two games.

Fans of the three PSP games, including Invizimals: The Lost Tribes, which never made it stateside, will be pleased to hear SCEA's Nick Accordino say there's a "nice chance" of them showing up on PSN.
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