Tetris meets Lemmings in Mousecraft, coming this summer

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Tetris meets Lemmings in Mousecraft, coming this summer
Combining intrepid rodents with the gaming industry's favorite suffix comes Mousecraft, a new puzzle game from indie developer Crunching Koalas which is coming to the Vita courtesy Curve Studios.

"The basic gameplay [in Mousecraft] is very simple: Your goal is to lead a group of mice through a machine to find the cheese at the other end of the level," wrote Curve Studios PR manager Rob Clarke on the PlayStation.blog. "You don't control the mice directly however, but instead control their environment through the use of many different types of classic 'Tetromino' blocks that can be dropped onto the level."

"Imagine the careful strategy and planning of a game like Lemmings with the blocks and fast-paced decision making of Tetris, and you've got an idea of how Mousecraft works," Clarke added.

According to the developer, Mousecraft will feature 50 stages of increasing complexity, online leaderboards, an in-game ranking system, collectables to hunt and a "fully-featured level editor available during launch."

Curve Studios claims that Mousecraft "should" be available on Vita and PC at some point in May, with a PlayStation 4 version of the puzzle game following this summer. It's currently unknown what price point will be attached to Mousecraft.

Update: Originally this article described Curve Studios as the creator of Mousecraft. Crunching Koalas is actually the creator the indie game, while Curve is responsible for bringing Mousecraft to the Vita.
[Image: Curve Studios]
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