Xbox One February update rolling out through the weekend

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The February firmware upgrade for Xbox One is reaching consoles starting today. If you're using "Instant On," the low-power state that allows you to verbally boot up your Xbox One, the update will automatically download the next time you power down your console – during off-peak hours for your given time zone, that is. Xbox Live's Major Nelson says the patch should reach the entire Xbox One community over the course of this weekend.

This latest update introduces greater storage space management options for your Xbox One and makes controller battery levels visible by adding an icon to the bottom-right corner of the home screen. Xbox One owners should also find their controllers are now more precise.

Another major update beyond February's revision is already in the works for Xbox One and due in early March, prior to the launch of TItanfall. The focus of March's renovation is to revise how friends lists and party chats work, reverting both to a state similar to their Xbox 360 counterparts.

Microsoft has also announced a free Xbox Live Gold weekend for the US and Canada. Xbox Live Silver users on Xbox 360 can enjoy free multiplayer gaming and access to premium apps like Netflix until 11:59PM PT on Sunday, February 16.
[Image: Microsoft]
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