Mew-Genics side characters make cat calls on specific days

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S. Prell
February 17th, 2014
Team Meat's upcoming "cat lady sim," Mew-Genics, has quite the colorful cast of characters - despite being rendered in a 2D style completely devoid of color. According to a recent blog post by developer Edmund McMillen, said cast is also larger than previously thought: side characters can be met with on certain days to influence gameplay.

"Each day of the week (real time days) most of these new side characters will appear, and ask something of you," McMillen wrote on the Team Meat blog. "Or maybe offer you something? Or maybe they will just help you break into the cat genetics lab?"

McMillen also teased that Mew-Genics had "taken one final sharp turn in development" and that co-developer Tommy Refenes plans to release a video update which will reveal more soon.
[Image: Team Meat]
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