French MMO Therian Saga launches English open beta

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|02.18.14

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French MMO Therian Saga launches English open beta
Therian Saga
Therian Saga has proven to be a modest hit in the French-speaking communities of Canada and Europe, amassing 50,000 players for the free-to-play sandbox title since summer 2013, and now it has opened its doors to the English-speaking community as well.

Developer Virtys announced today that Therian Saga has begun the English open beta, inviting in a new wave of players to see how the studio has been taking cues from the community with the game's development. Therian Saga is an open-world sandbox that prides itself on an elaborate crafting system, interdependant guilds, a deep story, and heroes that keep on going even when you log out.

The developers have put together a welcome video for its English-speaking community, explaining what makes Therian Saga special. Unfortunately it was lost in an avalanche and will never be... oh, we're just kidding. It's after the break!

[Source: Virtys press release]

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