Gone North Games forgoes violence to tell A Story About My Uncle

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Gone North Games forgoes violence to tell A Story About My Uncle
Though exceedingly common in video games, blood and guts are not a necessary component of good design - an oft-forgotten point that developer Gone North Games hopes to demonstrate with its upcoming indie platformer A Story About My Uncle.

Officially described as a "non-violent first-person platform adventure game built in the Unreal Engine," A Story About My Uncle tells the tale of a boy searching for his lost uncle, only instead of finding him down at the pub or watching a baseball game, our protagonist somehow stumbles upon a fantastic world. We urge you to watch the trailer above, as it reiterates all those plot points we just mentioned but does so with the aid of attractive, intriguing visuals.

Originally conceived as a university project, A Story About My Uncle was nominated for a Swedish game of the year award in 2012. That success drew the attention of Coffee Stain Studios - the people responsible for the baffling yet mesmerizing Goat Simulator - which now plans to publish A Story About My Uncle on Steam at some point in 2014.
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Upcoming first person indie platformer "A Story About My Uncle" reveals first teaser trailer!

Stockholm, Sweden - 17th February 2014. The newly-formed Gone North Games reveal their first teaser-trailer for their upcoming Steam game A Story About My Uncle.


The trailer is avaliable here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGVbWy6zT34

A Story About My Uncle is a non-violent First-Person platform adventure game built in the Unreal Engine. It is a story about a boy who searches for his lost uncle and ends up in a world he couldn't imagine existed.

A Story About My Uncle started out as a university project, and was quickly nominated for Game of the Year in the Swedish Game Awards 2012. The short demo has been picked up by the gaming media and has been available for free download since 2012. It is now set for a release in summer 2014, and will be published by Coffee Stain Studios (Sanctum series & Goat Simulator).

"We're really excited to bring this game to Steam! At first we were sceptic to publish games we haven't made ourselves, but once we tried out A Story About My Uncle, we were hooked! They really nailed the sense of speed, freedom and adventure in the game, and we can't wait to bring this story-based, non-violent indie game to Steam.

About Coffee Stain Studios

Coffee Stain Studios is the indie developer and publisher behind Sanctum and Sanctum 2, the tower defense/FPS hybrid games that have sold over 1.6 million copies in total. They are currently working on Goat Simulator, which is set to release in spring 2014.

About Gone North Games

Gone North Games is a newly-founded game studio consisting of the group of university students who developed the demo-version of A Story About My Uncle. Having been nominated for Game of the Year at Swedish Game Awards, Gone North Games decided to form their own company and release the full version of the game on Steam with the help of Coffee Stain Studios.

Gone North Games website: http://gonenorthgames.com/
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