Infamous gets a series sale on PSN Europe ahead of Second Son

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Infamous gets a series sale on PSN Europe ahead of Second Son
Infamous: Second Son is one of the first major PS4 exclusives to come to the console since it launched some three months ago, so it's kind of a big deal for Sony. That's why its Euro branch is chucking an Infamous sale at PSN users ahead of the game's launch next month.

If you're totally new to Sucker Punch's elemental open-world action series, but you do want in on the whole caboodle, then the Infamous Collection offers the best value. It includes all three Infa-games - that's Infamous, Infamous 2, and the vampiric standalone expansion Festival of Blood - and it's down by just under half to £15.38/18.89 euros/AU$28.05. If you'd prefer, the three games are all on sale individually, and there's a 10 percent discount on all the purchases for PS Plus members. Check out the full list of discounts on the PS Blog.

That trilogy of games features electric hero/anti-hero Cole McGrath, but Second Son introduces a new, smokier star in Delsin Rowe. As for whether the game is as smoking as its new protagonist, we'll find out when it hits PS4 in a month's time on March 21.
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