It looks like Apple isn't banning "Flappy" apps after all

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Mike Wehner
February 19th, 2014
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It looks like Apple isn't banning "Flappy" apps after all

Flappy Stache screenshot

Nothing like a big hairy mustache to let us know that the Flappy Bird clone train isn't dead yet. Despite earlier reports that Apple was clamping down on apps similar to Flappy Bird -- or, more specifically, similar games that also have the word "Flappy" in their title -- today's App Store update brought with it the debut of Flappy Stache.

The game features (you guessed it) a mustache that must navigate a treacherous course of clippers. It's the same tap-to-fly gameplay of Flappy Bird and a similar level of difficulty. Really the only thing that sets the game apart from the rest of the Flappy clones is the fancy 50s style film effect applied to the action, which I must admit is quite well done.

But despite that, it's still a Flappy Bird clone, it still has "Flappy" in the title, and no, it isn't banned from the App Store.

[Thanks, C.K. Sample III]

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