Gloria Victis gets the greenlight on Steam

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|02.20.14

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Gloria Victis gets the greenlight on Steam
We all know a green light means go, and the community has told Black Eye Games to keep right on going developing Gloria Victis; the independent project has been officially Greenlit on Steam. Not only did the community vote in support of the project, it did so overwhelmingly, taking the medieval game to rank #1 in under two days. The devs noted that the next step is to complete the necessary digital paperwork and work toward an early-access launch. However, since they'd like Gloria Victis to be in a more playable state before early access, players shouldn't expect to see it on Steam for a few months yet. For those who have supported the game through donations, an option to tie accounts to Steam will be available at a later date.

[Thanks to Alleomurand for the tip!]
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