PBS' Game/Show asks, 'What is a Gamer?'

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David Hinkle
February 21st, 2014
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PBS' Game/Show asks, 'What is a Gamer?'

The latest episode of PBS' series Game/Show aims to define what a gamer is. Is it anyone who plays a game or is it simply anyone who plays a certain type of game?

Despite gaming's strong community, the term isn't as inclusionary as we might think. Game/Show argues that the "gamer club" has become more about exclusion than a celebration of the hobby we all are so fond of. Of course, that's not to say all communities are this way – we tend to think we're pretty inclusive – but it's certainly a discussion worth having.

So what do you think is a "gamer?" Game/Show says we don't feel the need to define "moviers" or "musicers," so why do we feel the need to define gamers? If your grandma plays a bunch of Threes, is she a gamer? Or is it only those folks who can stampede through Halo on Legendary with no help? Should the term be limited to those folks who know a vast amount of information about games?

Oh, and the correct answer to "What is a gamer?" is, of course, "A miserable little pile of secrets."
[Image: PBS]
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