Daily App: SpeedTracker records your daily drive so you don't have to


SpeedTracker from AppAnnex falls into the navigation category of apps, but the app doesn't help you find your destination. It allows you to see on a map where you've been driving, how long you've been in the car and how fast you drove on your way. The tracker also has a real-time heads-up-display that shows you your current speed and driving direction.

When you launch SpeedTracker, you are brought to the speedometer page, which shows the current speed of travel, the direction of driving and the mileage of the current trip. For the app to track your trip, you must tap on the red tracking button in the top left corner. It'll be solid red and say "Tracking Off" until you start the tracking feature. You will know when it is on as the button will flash red and the caption will say "Tracking is ON."

When enabled, the tracking uses GPS to record the speed and distance of your trip. It also maps your route and save it for later review. While driving, you can switch between four different screens that show your trip progress. Switching is easily accomplished either by tapping on the bottom of the screen or swiping across the screen.


The four screens include a speedometer as described above, a map showing your route, a trip summary and a HUD, which allows you to display the speed and driving direction on your windshield by placing your phone on the dashboard. This HUD feature didn't work so well for me as I don't have a way to secure my phone on my dashboard and it slid every time I took a corner.

When you stop, you can turn the tracking off and are given the option of ending your trip or pausing it for a short time. This resume feature allows you to halt the tracking when you have to make a stop that you don't want recorded.


When you are done tracking, the log of your trip is saved to your iPhone. The log includes your distance and elapsed time, which is broken down into travel time and stopped time. The app also calculates your average speed and displays your maximum speed. Data fans will appreciate a graph that shows your speed for the trip and a map that displays your route. You can share your trip data via email, Twitter or Facebook. You also can export the data as a CSV, KML or GPX file.

SpeedTracker is an easy to use trip tracker for the driver who wants to log their car trips for business purposes or just for fun. Once you turn on the tracking in SpeedTracker, you can forget about it until you arrive and the app will do all the monitoring on your behalf. Besides using it in your car, you also can use SpeedTracker to log trips while snowmobiling, or ATVing. You even can drop your phone into an RC car and use SpeedTracker to measure driving performance.

SpeedTracker is available from the iOS App Store for US$3.99. It is compatible with the iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or later. There are no ads or in-app purchases.