Breakfast Topic: Do you have a set schedule for playing WoW?

I don't do well playing WoW on a free-form basis. During the first half-dozen or so years I spent in Azeroth, I had a schedule to keep. There were raid nights. There were farming and upkeep nights. There were alt nights, and there were PvP nights. And then somewhere along the way, things got more relaxed. That's when I discovered that when I don't have set evenings to settle down with a good session in Azeroth, real life takes over in a major way. Nobody at my house would sweat me for sitting down to play WoW, but there are just so many things that need doing! When I realized what was happening, I put myself back on a WoW schedule based on my husband's raiding schedule in another game, which made a neat fit for the whole family. The routine keeps things rolling.

Do you have a set schedule for playing WoW? Is that built around raid and event schedules, or do you play then because those are the times that work best for your schedule or your family's schedule? Or do you prefer to log in at your whim, morning, noon or night?