Heroes of the Storm enters technical alpha

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Heroes of the Storm enters technical alpha
A post on the official site has passed on the exciting news that so many of us have been waiting for: Heroes of the Storm has entered technical alpha. What exactly does this mean? Well, it's a very small-scale initial testing phase, basically, as the game is still in its early stages. It's a chance for the developers to try out their systems and settings on a variety of different platforms and connections, on players with terrible computers that just scrape by the operating requirements.

How do you get in?
Contrary to popular belief, surrounding yourself with lit candles and shouting "Tech Alpha" into the mirror three times will not grant Alpha access, but it may amuse your family members. No, the only way into the Nexus is through an official email invitation from Blizzard Entertainment.
Instead you'll want to head over to your Battle.net and ensure that your beta profile page is up to date, and that you're opted in to Heroes of the Storm testing. Do remember that this is the only way to get access right now, and that you should be extremely wary of any email or other communication that suggests you may be able to get access through other means.
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