Nintendo president explains new focus on player health

It came as a surprise when Nintendo announced plans to develop health-monitoring technology, but according to president Satoru Iwata, this is just one part of the company's new focus on improving the health of its customers.

"With a platform business that improves people's [quality of life] in enjoyable ways, we will attempt to establish a new business area apart from our dedicated video game business," wrote Iwata in his latest Message From The President. "We have set 'health' as the theme for our first step and we will try to use our strength as an entertainment company to create unique approaches that expand this business. Through our new endeavors with the QOL-improving platform, we strive to further promote our existing strategy of expanding our user base, create an environment in which more people are conscious about their health and in turn expand Nintendo's overall user base."

Though video games will remain the core of Nintendo's business, Iwata believes this new direction will allow the company to adhere more closely to its motto, "
The True Value of Entertainment Lies in Individuality." Iwata also points out that this drastic change of focus shouldn't be so surprising to Nintendo's fans. After all, the company was originally created to manufacture Japanese playing cards.

[Image: Wikimedia]