Ouya Everywhere puts games on TV, PC without the Ouya

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Ouya Everywhere puts games on TV, PC without the Ouya
Ouya Everywhere aims to put Ouya games on devices that aren't Ouyas, such as televisions or PCs, CEO Julie Uhrman revealed to Slashdot and A-list Daily. Uhrman plans to announce details about Ouya's software initiative this week.

"One thing you'll start to see is Ouya on other people's devices," Uhrman told A-list. She continued, "We started with a $99 box, but we always wanted to create a console platform that can live on other people's devices. We just knew it was going to take us a little bit of time to get it ready. Now we think the software is good enough, it's ready to be embedded in other people's devices. We actually started having some of these conversations during CES, and the takeup was so great that we're really jumping into the strategy with both feet this year."

Ouya signed one deal at CES, Uhrman told Slashdot. The company aims to craft a games-delivery system that "could be another set-top box" or "could be the TV itself," she said.

Ouya is talking with partners about bringing its games to PC, and the company is "thinking about" building a Steam-like application. Porting Ouya's Android games to other platforms is conceivable, according to Uhrman: "Based on our strategy to bring games to gamers wherever they are, it is absolutely conceivable that we will."

Update: Ouya confirmed reports with our friends at Engadget.
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