Report: Xbox One adds Dolby Digital optical support in March update

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The audio options on the Xbox One are about to grow a bit more diverse, according to a Polygon article.

Despite the Dolby Digital audio codec being one of the world's most popular surround sound specifications, the Xbox One currently offers no Dolby Digital support when transmitting audio via optical cable. In November, Microsoft's director of product planning Albert Pennello apologized for this and promised that an update would add Dolby Digital support at some point in the future.

While new functionality is a positive for everyone, the real winners here are Xbox One owners hoping to use headsets that rely on optical connections. This includes popular models from manufacturers like Tritton, Astro and Turtle Beach.

There's no specific date attached to the release of this Xbox One update, but Polygon claims it should be available prior to the March 11 Xbox One debut of Titanfall.
[Image: Astro]
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