The Learnist app brings its crowd-sourced collection of information to your iPhone


Learnist debuted in 2012 as crowd-sourced learning platform with a heavy emphasis on images and videos as a way of conveying information. Learnist pulled its old iOS app and recently debuted a new iPhone app that does a wonderful job of presenting this multimedia content.

Often called the Pinterest of online learning, Learnist has a large library of user-generated multimedia lessons called "learnboards." The new Learnist app is a front for this library, allowing you to browse these boards on your mobile device. You can find boards on almost any topic, including technology, arts, crafts, history, cooking and more. Once you start thumbing through boards, you easily can lose an hour of your time.

Learnist allows you browse through boards by categories, or search for either a topic or another Learnist user. Each board pulls in content from various sources on the web and compiles them into a neat and very readable package. The app provides a synopsis of the online content and then opens the full article in an in-app browser if you want to read more. When you are done reading, you can save a board to your reading list for future reference. You also can share the content via Facebook, Twitter, email and messaging.

Though most of the content is user-generated and free, the app now features premium boards created by experts and celebrities, such as Mythbuster Kari Byron and film director Gus Van Sant. These premium offerings can be purchased for 99-cents via an in-app purchase. I purchased the Kari Byron set on science experiments for kids, and it was well worth the dollar that I spent on it.

The Learnist app is available for free from the iOS App Store.