Gearbox polling Homeworld fans for Remastered Collection contents

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Gearbox polling Homeworld fans for Remastered Collection contents
Gearbox Software is polling fans of the classic real-time strategy game Homeworld to determine the Collector's Edition contents of its upcoming compilation Homeworld Remastered Edition.

Announced last year, Homeworld Remastered Edition updates Homeworld and Homeworld 2 with high-res textures and support for HD resolutions, among other improvements suggested by fans and modders. The collection will also feature the original versions of both Homeworld games, and proposed Collector's Editions will include a replica Mothership and other memorabilia. Gearbox notes that further details will be revealed soon.

Gearbox purchased Homeworld's intellectual property rights following publisher THQ's bankruptcy in 2012. Gearbox later leveraged its purchase to fund Homeworld: Shipbreakers, an intended series successor that now carries the official Homeworld license.

[Image: Gearbox Software]
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