The Daily Grind: How many crowdfunding projects have you backed?

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|03.06.14

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The Daily Grind: How many crowdfunding projects have you backed?
Kickstarter logoEarlier this week news surfaced about Kickstarter's amazing $1 billion crowdfunding total. Buried in some of the number porn was the fact that game industry projects led the way with over $215 million in total pledges.

Everyone's probably familiar with Star Citizen's Kickstarter success, and if you're an industry watcher you likely know about Path of Exile, Double Fine, and a few other high-profile projects. What about the little guys, though? There's plenty of room in that $215 million for dozens of different MMO fundraisers, and we're curious to know your backing habits.

For today's Daily Grind, we've got a two-part question. How many Kickstarter projects have you backed, and which ones were MMOs?

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