Hearthstone heroes ranked not by power, but by lore

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|03.16.14

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Hearthstone heroes ranked not by power, but by lore
Hearthstone news site Liquidhearth posted a pretty interesting rank list yesterday. The site primarily focuses on the game-related side of Hearthstone -- arenas, deck builds, card abilities and the like -- however, this particular article looks at not the individual cards, but the heroes featured on Hearthstone's nine available decks. The list is laid out and ranked not by the relative power of the class deck, but by the place they stand in Warcraft lore.

Each hero is given a brief descriptive summary detailing their place in Warcraft's history, and each rank is justified by one of three panelists quizzed for the column. What makes it interesting is that from a Hearthstone standpoint, the order isn't really quite where I think it should be. Mage decks, for example, are absolutely devastating if they get the right cards -- and I've had my cards thrown right back at me by more than one incredibly clever set of combos from a priest deck. The rogue deck is particularly devastating when used correctly as well.

As for the lore order presented in the column, I have to say I think the top three on their list are pretty solid, but I don't know if I necessarily agree with the placement of the other six. Garrosh Hellscream is certainly strong, but a lot of his strength relies on the armies and tools at his disposal. With no Heart of Y'shaarj and no Horde, Garrosh wasn't exactly the greatest warrior to ever walk the face of the planet. How would he stand up, if he were simply standing alone? It's a good question.

Anduin Wrynn, on the other hand, was hand-picked by the Prophet Velen to study the Light with the draenei leader -- a high, high honor. Velen saw some pretty amazing things in Anduin -- and some amazing prophecies that we've yet to see come to pass. But between that and Anduin's deft abilities to give his would-be rescuers the slip time and again in Mists, it makes me think the Prince is a little more powerful than he seems.

But really, even with the adjustments I'd make to the existing list, nobody -- and I mean nobody can argue with that number one pick. It's one that both Rossi and myself have agreed with time and time again both on the podcast and off. Check out Liquidhearth for the full article -- it's a good read, and a basic refresher on heroes both old and new.

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