Apple reportedly considering iTunes Store for Android phones

Updated ·1 min read

Apple's iTunes store may still be one of the most popular sources for downloading cheap music, but you need an iOS device to take advantage, and that leaves a heck of a lot of smartphone owners out in the cold. Rather than have those users hand over heaps of cash to competitors, it makes sense for Apple to bring its iTunes store to Android. And according to Billboard, that's exactly what Cupertino may be considering. The magazine's own sources claim that Apple has begun discussions with several record label execs, with topics ranging from a streaming service to compete with Spotify to an iTunes app for Android devices. Launching such an application isn't as simple as dropping it in Google Play, however. Complex negotiations with record labels are reportedly in the very early stages at this point, so it'll likely be some time before we see this latest concept materialize, if it's due to debut at all.