This screenshot perfectly sums up FireChat right now

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Mike Wehner
March 21st, 2014
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This screenshot perfectly sums up FireChat right now


FireChat, the new "off the grid" chat client for iPhone, kind of exploded in popularity yesterday thanks to a number of piece around the web announcing its existence. The app features two modes: A hyperlocal "Nearby" chat mode that connects directly to neighboring iPhones and doesn't connect to the internet, and an internet-enabled "Everyone" room where users from all over the world chime in with a deafening roar.

Unless you're in a college dorm and looking for neighbors to watch the NCAA tournament with, or commuting in San Francisco, the "Nearby" tab is probably going to be pretty bare for you, which leaves you with the massive crapshoot of the "Everyone" room. But don't worry, if you don't have enough time to chat with your fellow FireChatters, you can simply check out this screenshot and get essentially the same experience. Enjoy.


1. The person who has been on FireChat all night.

2. The person answering a question from 12 pages back with a one-word answer.

3. The person hoping to start a meaningful conversation that absolutely will not happen.

4. The person letting everyone else know that they have no idea what they're doing.

5. The person trying to make a local connection, and never finding one.

6. The person who thinks any anonymous chatroom must be filled with naked women.

7. The person being a total idiot.

8. The person who has completely misunderstood how FireChat actually works.

Congratulations, you've just experienced everything FireChat has to offer.

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