Daily App: Snippit mixes music with photos in a very social way


If you're the social type that loves mixing music with your photography, then you may want to take Snippit for a spin. The app allows you to take a photo, overlay 10 seconds of music and then share the result with the world.

Snippit is first and foremost a social network for you to share your music-infused photography. You must sign up for an account in order to use the app and you quickly gain followers within the first few days of joining. There is a running posts feed of new snippits that you can view as well as a browse feature that allows you find new snippits based on music genres, hashtags and both popular and latests trends.


When you find a snippit you enjoy, you can favorite it or comment on it. You also can tap on the user profile to dig deeper into who they are and what type of music and photography they enjoy. When you are viewing a user's profile, you can view all the posts this person has created. You also can filter the content and only browse the posts you have favorited from this user, their tagged posts and their posts with location information. If you like what you see, you can choose to follow the user, adding their posts to your feed.

After you've gotten a feel for the app, you may be ready to create your first snippit. Just tap the big music icon in the center of the screen to start compiling the media. Pick your music track, using either your own iOS music library or the 30-second music preview available for all iTunes tracks. Each snippet can be 4 to 10 seconds long and you get to choose which section of the track you want to clip.


Once you've selected the music, you are ready to add your photo by taking a new photo or importing an existing one from your camera roll. You also can write a caption for your photo, add location information, tag friends and share to social networks all with just a few taps. Once you hit publish, it takes less than a minute for your clip to show up in the stream. If you don't like what you just posted, you can easily delete it.

Snippit is available from the iOS App Store for free.