Report: Driveclub director Col Rodgers departs Evolution Studios

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Report: Driveclub director Col Rodgers departs Evolution Studios
In addition to the layoffs at Driveclub developer Evolution Studios, which we reported earlier today, we now have word that game director Col Rodgers has also taken his leave.

According to Videogamer, Rodgers' exodus is unrelated to the aforementioned layoffs. It's unclear why he has decided to leave Evolution Studios with the development of Driveclub reportedly in the final stages, though Videogamer notes that Rodgers founded indie studio Big Red Switch Games in February, where he claims to be working on "some cool game concepts."

As to the status of Driveclub, that's now even more a mystery than it already was. Originally, the racing simulation was slated to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 last November. After that, publisher Sony pushed the intended release back to a nebulous "early 2014."

Since that time there's been scant new information on the racer, though recently Scott Rohde, head of development at Sony Worldwide Studios America, stated Driveclub had been moved "back to the drawing board" to ensure it lives up to fan expectations.
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