Investors unfriend Facebook stock, Candy Crush dev IPO not so sweet

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Facebook's current status after the $2 billion acquisition of virtual reality outfit Oculus yesterday? It's complicated. The social media company's stock didn't rally on the news today, dropping nearly seven percent to $60.38/share (-4.51). Reaction within the games industry has been strong to the purchase. Markus "Notch" Persson swiftly cancelled a planned Minecraft port for Oculus noting "Facebook creeps [him] out."

Candy Crush Saga developer King also had its initial price offering on the New York Stock Exchange today and swiped away 15.5 percent of its value, down $3.50 to $19. Bloomberg points out the drop is one of the largest in recent memory for a new stock. No word yet if King is trying to trademark failure.

Tomorrow is another day.
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