Oculus founder: Rift is open, Sony's Project Morpheus is not

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Oculus founder: Rift is open, Sony's Project Morpheus is not
Oculus VR co-founder Palmer Luckey highlighted the differences between his company's Oculus Rift headset technology and Sony's recently announced Project Morpheus in an interview with GamesBeat, predicting that the majority of Rift software would never see release on Sony's closed platform.

"Most developers that are currently making things for the Rift don't really have that same option to make something for Project Morpheus," Luckey told GamesBeat. "We're an open platform that lets anyone develop anything. Sony is not [open]. There are hundreds of experiences already available for the Rift, and I would bet the vast majority of those would not make it onto a PlayStation 4."

During the interview, conducted before Facebook revealed its $2 billion purchase of Oculus VR yesterday, Luckey also stated that Project Morpheus is a net positive for the burgeoning industry. "I think it's a good thing for virtual reality when more people come into the market," he said. "Especially a big player. It shows that VR really is something that is gonna have traction."

Luckey additionally believes that the VR headset market will be large enough to support both Oculus and Sony. "This market is not even close to saturation, and the Sony thing is just for their console," he said. "Our thing is not on their console, so we don't even cross paths."

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