Super Stickman Golf creators join the Flappy flock with Flappy Golf

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Super Stickman Golf creators join the Flappy flock with Flappy Golf
Hoping that two wildly addictive tastes go great together, mobile developer Noodlecake Studios has debuted Flappy Golf, an iOS game that combines the deceptively simple Super Stickman Golf with mobile hit Flappy Bird.

Flappy Golf borrows physics, basic gameplay rules and courses from Super Stickman Golf 2, but instead of carefully aiming a shot, players control a flapping bird that must languidly wing its way toward the hole. The goal is to make it through the labyrinthine courses using as few flaps as possible. That may seem overly simplistic, but Flappy Golf features 30 courses of nine holes each, and like Super Stickman Golf, the courses grow increasingly complex and bizarre, offering new challenges with each round.

Best of all, Flappy Golf is available as a free download on the iTunes App Store. There are no microtransactions to be found in the mobile mashup, but players will occasionally see in-game advertisements.
[Image: Noodlecake Studios]
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