Marvel Heroes adds Dr. Strange and Shuri

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.30.14

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Marvel Heroes adds Dr. Strange and Shuri
Marvel Heroes
Marvel Heroes' roster has grown by two characters over this past weekend (sort of). Dr. Strange, the "Sorcerer Supreme," is now available in the game as is a gender-bending costume for the Black Panther that will make him Shuri, the first female to take on that character.

The game is also running a "buy a hero, get a hero" promotion that lasts until the end of Monday. Through this, the purchase of any hero (other than Dr. Strange) will give the player a second, random hero (other than Dr. Strange) for free. If the player gets a duplicate of a hero he or she already owns, the bonus will then be a token to upgrade that hero's ultimate power.

You can check out the Dr. Strange trailer after the jump!

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