Minecraft PS3 update adds blocky skins from Uncharted, Heavy Rain, more

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Minecraft PS3 update adds blocky skins from Uncharted, Heavy Rain, more
When the PlayStation Network is next updated, those playing Minecraft on the PlayStation 3 will find two new skin packs available for purchase. One features koalas and cavemen, while the other focuses on the most famous faces of the PlayStation 3.

According to the PlayStation.blog, the Battle And Beasts skin pack will allow players to dress as koala bears, cavemen, an ocotopus or a particularly angular Cleopatra. The other pack, simply titled "Skin Pack 1", is aimed at "hardcore PlayStation fans" and features Minecraft versions of Uncharted lead Nathan Drake, larcenous raccoon Sly Cooper, "folks from Heavy Rain" and "some Killzone dudes." We'd like to be more specific on who exactly will be representing Heavy Rain and Killzone, but neither Sony nor Minecraft creator Mojang offer further clarification.

Likewise lacking from the announcement are the price points that will be attached to those two DLC skin packs, though territorial Sony devotees will be pleased to hear that Skin Pack 1 is exclusive to the PlayStation 3 incarnation of Minecraft.
[Image: Mojang]
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