PSA: Resistance PS3 trilogy going offline on April 8

Sony let us know last year that online play for the PS3's Resistance trilogy would end in early 2014, and a recent tweet from developer Insomniac Games has narrowed that ending date to April 8. Insomniac's post encourages fans to get online for the trilogy's final moments and "make some memories" with some of Insomniac's own employees.

In response to an inquiry about continuing online support for the Vita's Resistance: Burning Skies, Insomniac tweeted they're "not sure" about that game's potential loss of online play.

An optimist would take this as a significant withdrawal of the Chimera invasion, but with Sony's June 2012 statement that no Resistance games were in the works, it's a little sad to think we won't get another chance to fight back the invasive alien race.

[Image: Insomniac Games]