RBI Baseball 14 swinging for XBLA's fences on April 9

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RBI Baseball 14 swinging for XBLA's fences on April 9
Following a previous report that listed April 10 as RBI Baseball 14's opening day, an Xbox.com page has confirmed the series revival is up to bat on Xbox Live Arcade on April 9.

RBI Baseball 14 will channel the design elements of the previous RBI games, assigning players to one of three body types and limiting the input to two face buttons. The new season will include stops on the PS3, Xbox One, PS4, iOS and Android platforms.

MLB's Advanced Media division is developing and publishing RBI Baseball 14, but a price of admission to its ballpark has still not been revealed. The series debuted on the NES in 1986, but beyond RBI Baseball 14, its last outing was RBI Baseball 95 on the Sega 32x.
[Image: MLB]
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