AT&T expanding coverage to 40 more NYC subway stations (updated)

It's a crapshoot: if you're descending into one of New York City's underground subway stations, you're probably going to drop a call. It's frustrating, but it'll be a little less likely soon. AT&T has expanded its contract with Transit Wireless to bring voice and data services to "as many as 242" additional NYC subway stations, though only about 40 are going to be ready this summer. Don't get too excited about the proposed total, either -- Transit Wireless is only in phase two of a seven phase rollout, and won't reach it's promised potential for several years. Still, the latest additions will more than double AT&T's presence, with 11 more stations in mid-town Manhattan and 29 in Queens. With 30 already in mid-town and six at Chelsea, that'll make 76 stations total with AT&T connectivity by the end of the summer. There's still a long way to go before the entire city is covered, but it's a good start.

Update: AT&T reminded us that there are 36 stations in operation now in mid-town Manhattan and Chelsea. The post has been updated to reflect that.