Bastion dev's Transistor connects with PS4, PC next month

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Bastion dev's Transistor connects with PS4, PC next month
Sci-fi action RPG Transistor is charging onto PlayStation 4 and PC next month on May 20, priced at $20 in North America and £15/19 euros across the ocean. If you can't wait to try out the next offering from Bastion joint Supergiant Games, the good news is the game is playable at this weekend's PAX East get-together in Boston.

Transistor reprises the vocal talents of Rucks actor Logan Cunningham, this time as the titular talking sword who has a more "symbiotic" relationship with his wielder and the game's heroine, Red. As for the gameplay, it's a mix of isometric action-RPG melee and tactical turn-based mechanics.

"When the first major enemy appears, Red is able to pause the action and survey the battlefield, and she is allotted two moves in this stage," Jess wrote in last year's preview. "Red is allowed to roam free within a certain radius, and she can undo moves to test out certain strategies and attacks. The freeform tactical design lends itself to exploring all of Red's abilities and establishing combos, which deal more damage."

PS4 players are set to also see Transistor use the DualShock 4 light bar in an unusual but interesting-sounding way. According to Creative Director Greg Kasavin, the controller syncs with the Transistor sword so that when the sword speaks, its pulsing glow is matched by the DualShock light bar.

"We soon found, however, that the light bar works really well for that," Kasavin said back in October 2013. "We got it to match the exact turquoise hue of the in-game weapon, and the flashing effect was in perfect sync. When I played with this for the first time, it felt a little more like the Transistor was right there in my own hands."
[Image: Supergiant Games]
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