Daily App: Skylit shows sunset and sunrise times so you are never left in the dark


Skylit is a new app from Stay Kids that falls into the weather category, even though it doesn't deliver forecast information. Instead of detailed weather statistics, the app focuses on sunrise and sunset times, which are important pieces of information for folks who like to be outdoors. There is nothing worse than being on a lake in a canoe with daylight fading too fast because you didn't pay attention to the sunset time.

Skylit is definitely a minimal app, with color and plain text to convey its weather details. The app uses background color to display the time of day, changing from a blue to an orange and back again as the day progresses.

Skylit shows you the amount of time until sunset by default, but a simple tap will display the actual sunset time. If it is night and the sun set earlier in the day, then the app will let you know when the last sunset occurred. Skylit shows similar information for the sunrise and you can easily switch between the two times.

The app only shows one day at a time, which is a drawback in my opinion. It would be nice to have a gesture to allow you to see multiple days so you can plan your fishing trip next weekend or next month's vacation accordingly.


Besides sunrise and sunset information, the app also shows your location , your time and the current outside temperature. You can change the units that are displayed, but you cannot expand upon this information. There is no forecast information or additional weather details.

Skylit is easy on the eyes and helpful for keeping track of sunrise of sunset times, which are important to those who fish, hunt or just enjoy spending time outdoors. That being said, I do have the nagging feeling that I am missing out on other weather data when using the app.

I appreciate the focus on sunrise/sunset times, but I can find that information in competing apps like Weatherbug, which also provide forecast information, radar and more. I wouldn't want Skylit to turn into a Weatherbug clone, but it would be nice to see a popover with a daily weather forecast that matches the daily focus of the app.

Skylit is available in the iOS App Store for 99-cents. Though I feel it could do more, Skylit does well with what it offers, and I would not hesitate to buy it if you need sunrise/sunset information right at your fingertips.